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The Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky was created by an interlocal cooperative agreement among the fiscal courts of Boone and Kenton Counties and  17 local cities within those counties.  The TBNK administers the cable television franchise agreement with Time Warner (formerly Insight), advocates to help with unresolved customer service problems on behalf of our residents, regulates pricing for the basic cable tier, and provides local Public Service Television Programming for Northern Kentucky. If you have an unresolved issue with Time Warner Cable and live in Kenton County (excluding Crescent Springs and Erlanger), contact the TBNK through email, fax or telephone.

The Board is made up of representatives from each government.  By coming together to form this regional board, our participating communities benefit from the economy of scale provided by pooling our resources in a larger entity to be able to provide better franchise administration services and a better production facility and local programming than any one community could afford on its own.

As a condition of the cable franchise agreement with Time Warner, TBNK absorbed local access channel operations and created the Community Program Center to oversee the operation of seven (7) community media television channels on the cable system.  By pooling resources, leveraging volunteers and interns and partnering with local community service organizations, schools and government agencies we have developed a first-class grass roots community television production facility.   The Community Program Center gives our citizens and organizations a chance to create and air television programming reflecting the flavor of Northern Kentucky. These seven channels represent our area's Public, Educational and Government cable access or PEG.