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Want to show off that great tackle your son made to family in Denver?  Need to bring a copy of your last city council meeting to your neighborhood association meeting?  Whatever the need, we offer almost all of our staff productions, including TBNK's Government Channel and TBNK Sports, on DVD!

We're currently working on a streamlined system to order copies of your favorite programs.  But don't worry, because ordering is still easy.

Here's what we need:

Government Meetings

  • Name of city/municipality
  • Date of meeting

TBNK Sports

  • Sport (football, basketball, swimming, etc.)
  • Team(s)
  • Date of event

Other Staff Productions

  • Name of program
  • Air date

Please also include:

  • Your full name
  • Address
  • Daytime phone number

Send this to , or call us during regular business hours at (859) 261-1300.