Anyone who is interested in producing a program at the TBNK/CPC, scheduling free air-time, attending any other training classes or workshops, or becoming a crew member for a show must first attend the Orientation class; after which, they are free to take other classes the Center offers.

Orientation sessions are presented on a monthly basis, the first Thursday of each month.

These sessions include a tour of the TBNK/CPC studio and facilities, and discussions of: a brief history of Public, Educational and Government (PEG) Access Television or Community Media; an overview of the facilities, services and classes at the TBNK and CPC; how to get started producing a program and schedule air-time; cablecast and equipment use agreements; programming policies; access policies and procedures; first amendment rights; public access as a community communication tool; and how individuals can become involved in the TBNK, Northern Kentucky Community TV and the CPC beyond making programs.

To sign up for orientation or any other classes, call us at (859) 261-1300.