public service television for nky


Our programming includes NKY Government Meeting Coverage, Election Night Coverage and Debates/Forums, NKY Optimists Speaker Series, public affairs shows, culture, sports, history and information, such as our City Talk mayors show, coverage of NKY High School Sports and Thomas More Sports and NKY events, community fairs, festivals, fireworks, parades, concerts, Government Forums, NKY Chamber, Covington Business Council, Legislative Caucuses, and more.

Community Media provides a needed local voice for area community organizations, schools, churches, citizens, and government agencies.  It’s Public Service Television for Northern Kentucky. 

You can watch our programming everywhere you go on TBNKtoGO and our Local Community Media Channels (listed below.)  TBNKtoGO provides 3 LIVE streaming channels and VOD programming on your web browser and on all of our Mobile Apps and Smart TV Apps.  Our FREE apps include iOS and android apps for your phone and tablet and ROKU and Fire TV apps.  Community Media includes channels known as Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) Access Channels. 


Our Public Access Channels are: NKY Community TV, TBNK’s Main Event Channel, and the Devotion Channel.  Public Access Channels air programming submitted by local residents and community service and civic organizations and faith groups.  


TBNK’s EduCable Channel provides a place for programming from local schools K-12 and educational institutions in our member communities, and airs other educational programming.  


TBNK’s Government Channels provide gavel-to-gavel coverage of local government meetings and proceedings and other informational programming from our local governments.



The TBNK Government Channel provides gavel to gavel coverage of over 20 government meetings every month, including the Kenton County Fiscal Court and most of the cities in Kenton County.  Most air LIVE – streamed from the meeting chambers to our Government Access Cable Channels and to our TBNK Facebook Live page and our TBNKtoGO Streaming platform and mobile apps.  Meetings also air with additional replays on the Government Channel and are available as Video On Demand (VOD) on our TBNKtoGO Streaming platform and mobile apps. 

All government meeting coverage airs unedited and adheres to strict and unbiased guidelines.  

TBNK helps educate voters, by providing the only significant television coverage of election campaigns in Northern Kentucky, including the award winning “Northern Kentucky Votes”, the only Kenton County focused election night results and analysis television program, and various election forums and debates every election season leading up to election night for city, county, state, and national races.   

The TGC also helps provide important information from local governments, promote community services and economic development, and produces various public affairs talk shows with officials from member cities and counties, as well as programs with the county library.  We also typically produce coverage of Covington Business Council Luncheons, Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce events, and our Discover Northern Kentucky programs, showcasing local landmarks and historical and cultural areas of interest in Northern Kentucky, as well as numerous informational programs about initiatives such as the U.S. Census, and Link-GIS and our City Talk mayors show.



Spectrum: 203 & 204
Altafiber: 814 & 815




203/814 Full
204/815 Early
204/815 Late


Your ticket to the best Northern Kentucky sports and event coverage! The Main Event Channel brings you the TBNK Sports Game of the Week covering the best in high school football and basketball in Northern Kentucky, as well as airing Thomas More football and basketball home games.

The Main Event Channel also airs the Northern Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame talk show, interviewing NKY sports legends, as well as coverage of Northern Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies.

Also, tune in for local high school and college graduation ceremonies, coverage of the Kenton County Fair, local festivals, parades, and fireworks. The Main Event Channel and TBNK Sports are a service of the Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky.



Spectrum: 200
Altafiber: 817




200/817 Full


TBNK’s Educable provides a place for programming from local schools K-12 and educational institutions in our member communities, as well as other educational programming.  EdcuCable also airs programming from NASA.  Interviews and magazine style shows featuring students, teachers, school administrators and educational professionals, science fairs, academic matches, graduation and student produced programming have all been a part of the Educable program schedule.  



Spectrum: 202
Altafiber: 818



202/818 Full


The TBNK, is the home of Northern Kentucky Community TV.  The TBNK provides this local grass roots Community TV Studio as a Media Creator and Learning Center where our local residents and organizations can produce professional television programming about interests and issues for Northern Kentucky.

The use of the editing stations, the studio, and the field equipment is free. The airtime and training are also free.

It’s TV for our community…by our community; programs that are created by people and organizations in our community, and that are aired on our own local Community Media channels.  



Spectrum: 185
Altafiber: 819



185/819 Early
185/819 Late


The Devotion Channel provides local churches, religious groups and organizations in our member communities with a Public Access Channel for airing original, locally created faith-based content for Northern Kentucky.

Public Access is heavily used by local churches and faith-based organizations across the country and here in Northern Kentucky. Numerous local churches rely on public access channels to reach home bound viewers.




Spectrum: 186
Altafiber: 816



186/816 Early
186/816 Late

our shows

Discover NKY

Join us for Discover NKY, as we explore our local neighborhoods – yesterday and today – showcasing local landmarks and historical and cultural areas of interest in Northern Kentucky!

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tbnk Showcase

We showcase local artists and authors, art shows and hobbies, food and cultural events on TBNK Showcase.

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City Talk

City Talk, hosted by Chris Moriconi, features local mayors and city officials, discussing how cities and government agencies provide services, look for efficiencies, adapt to challenges, promote development, and plan for the future.

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nky sports legends

Joe Brennan and Charlie Coleman chat with members of the NKY Sports Hall of Fame to tell their stories and reminisce on NKY Sports Legends.

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NKY-Focused programming

In addition to airing locally-produced community programs, educational programs from our partner organizations, and government meetings from our member communities, TBNK produces a number of programs about the history of and current events in Northern Kentucky.