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Your Ideas, Your Talent, Your Voice…Your Show. 

Get started creating here at The TBNK and CPC, home of Northern Kentucky Community TV.  TBNK is a creative center and place to learn about the media production business.  Many local students and residents have gotten their start in media production volunteering or interning at the TBNK.  The use of the studio, the editing stations, and the field equipment is free

Check out our FREE VIDEO CLASSES at the TBNK:

step one: orientation class

Anyone who is interested in producing a program at the TBNK/CPC, scheduling free air-time, attending any other training classes or workshops, or becoming a crew member for a show must first attend the Orientation class; after which, they are free to take other classes the Center offers.  This two to three hour class includes an overview of the facilities, services and classes at the TBNK and CPC, and how to schedule studio and equipment use and air-time.  You will also get tour of the studio/facilities.

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field production

In this two to three hour class you will learn the basics of how to safely set up and operate our professional ENG Sony field camera packages, including the tripods and microphones.  You will learn white balance to get the correct color, basic framing of shots, setting audio levels, other camera settings, and more.

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video editing

In this three hour class you will learn to edit video like the pros, using the Avid software used in premier network television and major motion pictures.

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Due to the complexities of producing a multi-camera studio show (live or recorded), TBNK Staff uses a “Studio Mentoring” sequence of three classes rather than a traditional single session.  (If a producer wants to use the studio simply as a “sound stage” with a field camera in order to utilize the studio’s staging and lighting they do NOT need to take the Studio Mentoring Sequence.)

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portable studio kit

After completing the Studio Mentoring Sequence, producers are eligible for training/certification on the Portable Studio Kit.  The class will cover how to set up and operate the portable studio in a box switcher system, and how to safely connect cameras and audio, and route and switch your signals to record your remote live switched show.  

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Optional Workshops

Optional Workshops may be offered from time to time in the following areas:

  • Producer/Director Workshop
  • Lighting Workshop
  • Audio for Video Workshop
  • Adobe Photoshop Workshop
  • Advanced Audio Editing 

If you are interested in participating in one of these workshops, contact us.

Orientation class is a pre-requisite for any of the equipment certification classes and for anyone wishing to cablecast a program.  After completing the Orientation class, producers are able to take any of the equipment classes to become certified to borrow the corresponding equipment or volunteer to help as crew on a show.

Training classes will be offered on a first-come, first-served, non-discriminatory basis.