edit like the pros

The Video Editing class provides certification on the PC-based Avid non-linear editing suite. In this three hour class you will learn to edit video like the pros, using the Avid software used in premier network television and major motion pictures.  We will cover how to set up a project and choose video and audio settings, ingest footage, media management, edit clips onto a timeline, add dissolves and other transitions and effects, add text and graphics, add and mix audio tracks, trim audio and video, and export your final show.


You can edit your footage on any of our state-of-the-art AVID non-linear edit stations.  Avid is the standard for editing in Network TV production and Hollywood movies. 

With each AVID editing system you can;

  • edit your footage with
  • multiple layers of video and audio available. 
  • add transitions,
  • graphics and
  • special effects, and
  • adjust your audio.


To sign up for this or any other classes, call us at (859) 261-1300.