where tv is made

Get an introduction to the cameras, lighting, sound, graphics, and video switching equipment and learn to produce content to air on our channels!  Learn the ins and outs of operating a studio environment and directing the shots and how to communicate with camera operators using director commands. 

Due to the complexities of producing a multi-camera studio show (live or recorded), TBNK Staff uses a “Studio Mentoring” sequence of three classes rather than a traditional single session. 

session 1

The first training session for the group will cover basic studio operations, crew positions, rules for the studio, as well as any specific discussions regarding the producer’s upcoming program. 

Session 2

At the second training session, the Producer and crew will work together to create a mock-taping or a “pilot”.  Included in this second session will be further practice on proper studio techniques, director commands and advanced control room operations. 

Session 3

The actual recording of the first program will serve as the third training session. During this session, all crew members will work the positions for which they have been trained with guidance from TBNK staff. 

An actual finished show is the goal of this third session. 

To sign up for this or any other classes, call us at (859) 261-1300.